Login and Tplink extender Setup

To ConfigureĀ, Tplink Extender setup. Install tp-Link Extender and install admin panel. Connect Tplink to your WLAN and computer. The IP address is the gateway to the Tplinkrepeater.

Tplink Extender Setup via

Tplink extender setup, upgrade the tplink Extender WLAN with your home or office, follow the instructions on to install the tplink WLAN Repeater. Tplink Extender steps after configuring in admin panel. You can install and see how many devices are connected to your website. You can also use the Tplink IP address to access Tp-Link Extender. Login

Configure Tp-Link extender. To do this, you must log in to your device at a website such as or
Connect the desktop to the Tp-Link-Booster using an Ethernet cable.
You can connect the Tplink Repeater Plugin to your computer. Click the Wi-Fi icon on your computer. Connect by providing a WiFi network.
Open a browser to open the tplink Extension homepage. Type into your browser. Press Enter.
Quickly connect to a tplink extension or tplink WLAN repeater and then turn it on.
You will be asked to switch your WLAN connection to TP.
Enter the name of your WiFi network and reset your password.
Click the Save button.
You can connect your device to the tplink network by logging in to the website.

Configure Tp-Link Reapeater WLAN line

Tp-Link Extender setup, login and configure the settings of Tplink range extender. You can increase your WiFi speed from N150 to AC1900. Tp-Link continues to provide plug-ins that make it easy to connect and allow new users to use them. There are three ways to connect and configure the Tplink extender.

Tplink Extender Setup Using Tether App

When the first stable blue signal appears within a few minutes, connect the connector to the WiFi bridge. Use your Android or iOS phone to download and install the Theater app. After reading the application, connect the new phone "Tp-Link Extender" to the WI-FI bridge. Delete the Tetter app now. And install the latest update on your phone. Do not place near appliances or compressors. For better communication, make sure that the extension cord or signal has at least 70% or the strength of the blue signal.